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'Meditations on Colour'

We are delighted bring to you the first of our 2021 Solo Exhibitions;

‘Meditations on Colour’ by Alison McWhirter.  

Alison Studio Shoot.jpg

We’re hugely excited about this exhibition as it’s been two years in the planning and we consider Alison to be one of the most talented contemporary painters working today.  

While the last year was difficult for all, it was particularly so for Alison, grieving over the premature death of her older brother Alan and also suffering with a debilitating back injury involving two herniated discs and a tear to one.

Alison however has channelled these negative experiences to produce a simply outstanding selection of thoughtful, colourful and uplifting work in her instantly recognisible contemporary style.

We are extremely fortunate as a gallery to be working with Alison on this scale and hosting her only Solo Exhibition of 2021.  

We would therefore strongly encourage you to visit the gallery and enjoy this collection of work in person and see Alison’s mastery of colour, texture, the emotions and energy captured in each work and above all, immerse yourself in a gallery full of paintings of of colour, energy, vibrancy and passion.


 We look forward to seeing you soon. 


Best wishes

Scott & Susan Bennett, Annan Gallery

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