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Still Life

McWhirter’s paintings, often of flowers, balance bold, lively brushstrokes and a kind of formalism. Superstar, Peace Rose and Sunflower has a formal clarity in its simple composition and warm taupe background.  Vases of flowers are reduced to series of geometric shapes in a way that makes one aware of the surprising geometry of a rose. Even viewed online, the thick impasto takes on a sculpted quality.  A handful are entirely abstract, instinctive daubs and swirls of candy colours.’


Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman 2020

All new works by Alison forming part of the 'Meditations on Colour' can now be viewed in the 'The Show' section of this website.

sunflower superstar amd pink peopny rose 40cmx40cm.jpeg

'Sunflower, Superstar and Pink Peony' Oil on Canvas, image 40 x 40cm

Peonies against Yellow Lake 50cmx50cm.jpeg

'Peonies Against Yellow Lake' Oil on Canvas, image 50 x 50cm

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