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The beauty of abstract art is that it is more open to interpretation - pulling a depiction away from any literal, representational reference points. 


 Approaching it with an open, inquiring mind, it allows you the viewer to enter the painting and see where it takes you, giving you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece, enriching your experience of an artwork. 

Abstract artists have a finely honed sense of composition and deep understanding of the workings of colour and through this they choose to express their painting by creating a visual experience not necessarily representative of real world 'objects.' 

Many of Alison's abstract paintings are inspired by a piece of poetry or music - thinking about how that would translate into a painting, bringing in movement, colour and texture. 

As we add the new exhibition pieces to this and our gallery website, we will bring you a little more insight into some of the inspirations behind each piece by Alison however each piece is there for you to enjoy and allow yourself to be taken in by the painting.


Each person's emotions, sensations or memories of a particular time or place evoked by a painting are going to be different and that is why we love art.  Let the painting "speak" to you and just enjoy!

All new works by Alison forming part of the 'Meditations on Colour' can now be viewed in the 'The Show' section of this website.

Meditations on Colour 100x100cm.jpg

'Meditations on Colour' Oil on Canvas, image 100 x 100cm

On The Ecchoing Green 40cmx40cm McWhirter 2020 oil on linen.jpeg

'The Echoing Green' Oil on Canvas, image 40x40cm

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